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Azalea Flowers & Gifts


4528 Adelaide St.

Port Alberni, BC




Happy Birthday Chocolate

We use locally, hand made chocolate from The Sugar Shak. Gift baskets such as Fruit Baskets and Gourmet Baskets come with chocolate as one of the many items. Azalea Flowers and Gifts believe in supporting and using locally made products whenever possible. Chocolate from The Sugar Shak is one of those decisions we are proud to use and support. The Sugar Shak is located on the Harbour Quay in Port Alberni.

To send Birthday Flowers or New Baby Flowers to Port Alberni, call Azalea Flowers & Gifts at 778-421-2660. We are located at 4528 Adelaide on lower Johnston Rd in the heart of the business district, the center of Port Alberni (The Heart of Vancouver Island), giving you the comfort you deserve in knowing your flowers will be delivered promptly and at an affordable price.


New Baby Flowers

Delivered to Port Alberni, BC


If you would like to send Mom a gift of flowers to celebrate her new baby we are here to help you. We can provide you with a list of options to compliment a beautiful one-of-a-kind arrangement including chocolate, a stuffed toy, soap, or perhaps something a little unique that adds an extra personal touch. Contact us and we'll get you just what you wanted.




Have your Happy Birthday flowers delivered to Port Alberni, BC from our Port Alberni flower shop. Located on Adelaide Street, Azalea Flowers & Gifts is in the Heart of the Alberni Valley, making your birthday flower delivery efficient and in a very timely manner.

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Planter Baskets as a birthday gift. For the individual who has a green thumb and has a love affair for indoor or outdoor plants, let Azalea Flowers & Gifts create a one of a kind planter basket for your loved one. Whether you want to pick it up or have us deliver it on your behalf, we will create it and have it ready the sameday - unless you contact us very late in the day. (-:


Visit our plant page for inspiration on the various styles of planter baskets we can create to get you started before you call us.


Order Happy Birthday flowers in Port Alberni from Azalea Flowers & Gifts. We are located in the Alberni Valley and offer a delivery service for only $5.00 within city limits ($10.00 beyond city limits and $15 to the Lake). If you are looking for a one stop shop for your birthday gifts we are here to offer you an assortment of gifts including greeting cards, gift certificates, baskets, plants, and portrait photography. 


Birthday Gift Baskets



Port Alberi Souvenir and Gift Shop - The Azalea Gift Shop is a growing section of our successful flower business. One of the many items we are very proud of is our exclusive Port Alberni Coffee Mug collection. This unique series of collectible and usable coffee mugs is designed with a professional photograph of some of the most recognized and iconic locations, scenery, and tourist attractions the Alberni Valley has to offer. This exciting new collection is expanding and many will be added to the collection. Peruse our Gift Shop page for stuffed teddy bears, professional photography prints, and much more. 

Port Alberni portrait and commercial photographer: Visit our Photography page for a listing of the many photo services we offer including printing of images, professional photography for events, product photography, and a collection of prints available for purchase. Lyndon Cassell Photography is a brand of Azalea and we offer studio portraits at our Adelaide Street store. Call or drop in to book a portrait session. Logo digitization can also be done in our studio.


Happy Birthday Flowers & Gifts

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Add a print of a local Port Alberni iconic location, scene, or something a little different. We have a large collection of prints available. Our prints can be ordered in many sizes, both framed and non-framed. Call to discuss what we currently have in stock or to arrange for a custom print to be created. If you would like to see our collection of images of the Amazing Alberni Valley, please visit our photography website. Lyndon Cassell Photography is a brand of Azalea Flowers & Gifts and we specialize in event photography. It is here that you can explore the Alberni Valley region through visual storytelling of landscape images. We also highlight many of the fantastic events that occur in the area as well as the spectacular scenery. The site is updated continually as we shoot almost daily. Port Alberni is truely an amazing and special place and we welcome you to start your journey on our site. So what are you waiting for... come over now for a visit ....



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Shown: $85



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Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

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Hi there and welcome to our birthday page. We are sure you are going to have a fantastic experience looking around. Happy Birthday flowers are a specialty of ours and we deliver flowers for this special occasion on a daily basis in Port Alberni and the surrounding Alberni Valley region. We offer fresh flowers wrapped in paper, as well as vase arrangements and basket arrangements. Add ons include balloons, chocolate from the Sugar Shak (a local hand-made chocolatier), our very own made by us coffee mugs featuring local imagery, stuffed toys, and much more.




Anniversary Flowers Port Alberni

Delivered to Port Alberni, BC


We've got all types of flowers for an anniversary. Select classic roses, a modern bouquet or even a plant. Nothing says love and romance like surprising your loved one with a stunning bouquet on your special day! Azalea Flowers & Gifts delivers to Port Alberni, BC for a real surprise they won't soon forget!





anniversary_flowers_port_alberni.jpg Happy_Birthday_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg




Birthday Flowers Delivered to Port Alberni, BC. As a local Port Alberni flower shop, centrally located on Adelaide St., your Happy Birthday flowers will be delivered expediently and with care and professionalism. Being centrally located also allows us to deliver flowers in a timely manner, with caution and professionalism. 

Happy_Birthday_Sunflower-Arrangements_Port-Alberni.jpg Happy_Birthday_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg


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Happy Birthday Gift Baskets.

From edible gift baskets such as a fruit basket, a wine & cheese basket, a gourmet basket or a non-food basket, Azalea Flowers & Gifts is a phone call away to chat about what you might like. Let's work together and be a little creative in sending out a one-of-a-kind gift basket. If you want gift certificates from local businesses, we'll go get them. Want a coffee basket? We carry our very own coffee mugs, created by us and sold exclusively by us. Our collection of coffee mugs features images of such iconic locations as Mt Arrowsmith, Somass River, The Number 7 Steam Train, Cathedral Grove and Mclean Mill. More coffee mugs are being added to our collection regularly. 


All our baskets start at $70.00 CDN


Plants. We carry a wide assortment of house plants including flowering and green. Contact us to discuss what we currently have in stock for your next birthday gift giving idea.

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Shown: $90


BDay-90 Shown: $110


Happy Birthday Flowers & Gifts

Port Alberni Flower Shop

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Shown: $100


Happy_Birthday_Flowers_Port_Alberni_Flower_Shop.jpg Happy_Birthday_Flowers_Port_Alberni_Flower_Shop.jpg Scenic_Port_Alberni_Coffee_Mugs.jpg

Scenic Port Alberni 

11 oz mugs 



Check out our Gift Shop page for the entire collection.

Happy_Birthday_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Happy_Birthday_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg


Personalized with your image.

Shown: $60


Birthday-Flowers-Port-Alberni.jpg MUG11-003.jpg Hand-made-happy-birthday-chocolate-port-alberni-sugar-shak.jpg MUG11-005B.jpg lcp-Azalea-StuffedToys-6697.jpg Birthday-Flowers-Port-Alberni.jpg Azalea_Excellence_Awards-9392.jpg Birthday-Flowers-Port-Alberni.jpg GetWellFlowers-20160826B.jpg Birthday-Flowers-Port-Alberni.jpg lcp-azalea-Apr25-2019-8684.JPG Birthday-Flowers-Port-Alberni.jpg


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11 oz mugs include the "2 Spot next to the E& N Train Stn. ($13.00). Visit out Gift Shop page to see more. Call 778-421-2660 to order custom mugs. #MadeInPortAlberni


First Nations. We are working with local first nations artists to create a collection of eye catching souvenirs.


Stuffed Toys. Always a great addition to a birthday arrangement.


Hand tied bouquets. If you won't require a container, or are looking to drop by for a quick pickup, a bouquet of fresh cut flowers is a great birthday gift.


Celebration flowers. Every occasion is a good time to send flowers to loved ones, friends, and even those who have touched you life in a meaningful way.


Birthday-Flowers-Port-Alberni.jpg Azaleas-FavPlace.jpg

Father's Day Flowers and Gifts (For Him). Visit our Father's Day / For Him page for unique gifts including planter baskets, gift baskets, and flower arrangements. 

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Call now to order



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