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Christmas Flowers from Azalea Flowers & Gifts
4528 Adelaide St.
Port Alberni, BC

Let 778-421-2660 be the only number you need to use this Christmas for flowers and gifts. Updates to site coming soon.
Christmas Poinsettias in Port Alberni

We carry the traditional Christmas poinsettias starting at $16.00. We have a variety of sizes from 6 - 12 inch, and several colours including pink, orange, cream, white, and the always popular red.


Colours and sizes can vary from day to day in availability because of demand. To ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for, it is recommended you contact us one week in advance.


Christmas Flower Delivery in Port Alberni
We deliver Christmas flowers throughout the holiday season. Same day delivery is usually not a problem, but as Christmas day approaches, the demand for our delivery service will increase. This may cause a delay in the delivery of your order, but we will get them delivered for you no matter how late it might be.
Christmas Flower Delivery in Port Alberni

Christmas planter baskets start at $45.00 and can go as high as you wish. Each basket is individually created in the store and no two are ever alike. Choose the flowers you would like in your basket. Call us at 778-421-2660 and we will discuss your preferences and advise on what flowers are currently available so you end up with the best Christmas Flower Basket you could possibly wish for.

Port Alberni Christmas Flower Gift Baskets  Hand Made by Azalea Flowers and Gifts
Azalea Flowers & Gifts
4528 Adelaide Street
Port Alberni, B.C.

Christmas Planter Baskets
Custom One of a kind Christmas Arrangements
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Christmas Gourmet Baskets in Port Alberni

XMAS-205 Starting at $70



Shown $90

Call us at 778-421-2660 to order your Merry Christmas flowers. We create made to order Christmas arrangements, baskets, table centers, bouquets, and gift baskets.
Spread the joy of the holiday season with flowers from Azalea Flowers & Gifts. Our florists and designers have the experience our customers expect when it comes to this very important time. Call us at 778-421-2660 with your request and we will create your specific made to order holiday arrangement, table center, bouquet, or gift basket, for pickup or delivery in Port Alberni and the surrounding Alberni Valley and Clayoquot regional district, including Sproat Lake, and Beaver Creek. Nothing says Happy Holidays or Season's Greeting quite as loud as flowers from Azalea Flowers & Gifts
Christmas Table Centers are created on request. This is an industry standard practice you can depend on from an experienced floral designer. We cherish giving our customers the satisfaction of knowing that what they are ordering is of the best quality. This Christmas spread your season's greetings with a custom Christmas table center for your party, dinner, or room ambience.

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

All of our arrangements are custom made to order, and they are based on the photos we provide you for ideas of what you prefer as a start. For those looking for an even more personal touch, we offer you our service of creating something exceptionally unique whether it is a one of a kind container or basket, extra greenery, ornaments, chocolate, or a stuffed toy.
Christmas Stuffed Toys in Port Alberni
For the food lover on your Christmas list, we offer a wide range of holiday gourmet gift baskets. You can tell us the types of fruits, candies, cookies, cheeses, wines even, and we'll be happy to get it delivered on your behalf. Pick up in the store is always your choice as well. At Azalea Flowers & Gifts we believe in offering the choices that best personify your unique gift giving style.

Call us at 778-421-2660 and let's discuss your preferences for a season's greetings gourmet gift basket
Christmas Fruit Baskets in Port Alberni
Christmas Wine and Cheese Baskets in Port Alberni
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Port Alberni Coffee Mugs

A popular item this season is the newly created collection of Port Alberni coffee mugs. Each mug features a high quality photograph of an iconic location in the valley including Mt. Arrowsmith, the Somass River, the Estuary/Dyke, Cathedral Grove, McLean Mill, the No. 7 Steam Train, and the Mars Water Bomber. These mugs make great gifts by themselves. Other suggestions include flower arrangements, chocolate, or part of a gift basket. Starting: $13 / mug

Christmas Gift Baskets

We create custom gift baskets, a suitable option for companies to show their appreciation to the staff, clients, and customers alike. Call 778-421-2660 to discuss your needs and allow us to advise on available options.

XMAS-206 Starting at $85


XMAS-203 Starting at $75 SOLD OUT

XMAS-204 Starting at $75

Introducing our new line of stuffed bears from the Aurora collection. Call for pricing and to add a stuffed bear to your Christmas order.

Christmas Planter Baskets

We create custom planter baskets, each one as unique as you. Please note that planter basket containers, plants, and accessories are created with current items in stock and we cannot guarantee any specific items that may be seen in photos. Call 778-421-2660 to discuss your needs and allow us to advise on available options.

Port_Alberni_Coffee_Mugs.jpg Port_Alberni_Christmas_Stuffed_Bears.jpg Port_Alberni_Stuffed_Bears_For_Christmas.jpg Port_Alberni_Coffee_Mugs_For_Christmas.jpg
The Port Alberni Christmas Coffee, Teas, and Hot Chocolate Basket
Christmas Gift Baskets in Port Alberni
Below Shown Gourmet Basket starts at $150.00

Important Notices: 

Because of the volume of orders during the Christmas season we cannot take photos. If a photo is an absolute must we will charge an additional $25.00 and the photo will be sent to your email address within 24 hours. 


Receipts: Requested receipts will be sent to your email address after December 25th and before January 1.


Stuffed Teddy Bears

Filled with coffee, mixed teas, hot chocolate and completed with one of our signature Port Alberni coffee mugs. Starting at $50.00. Add an extra coffee mug for $13.00. Other add-ons on request. 

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Non-Food Gift Baskets. Starting at $50.00 and going as far as $500.00, this is where you get to have a lot of fun - a custom gift basket taylored specifically for you. This is a non-food basket and the item list is up to you. Available items include stuffed teddy bears, bath bombs, local hand made soaps, gift certificates, photo gift cards, and our signature coffee mugs. But the fun only starts with those products. Got something in mind? Call us and let us shop the neighbourhood for you. (Delivery times will vary based on your requests. Same day delivery may be available for the standard startup basket. Allow as much as 1 week where possible).

Christmas-Flowers-Port-Alberni.jpg Christmas-Flowers-Port-Alberni.jpg


Shown $85











Shown $90



Shown $105
























Shown $80


Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Christmas_Poinsettia_Port_Alberni.jpg Christmas_Flower_Arrangements_Port_Alberni.jpg


Shown $60



Shown $80


Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now



Shown $60



Shown $80




Shown $75



Shown $100



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Christmas Planters



Shown $85



Shown $70



Shown $90








lcp-Xmas-Dec23-2018-1958.jpg AZ-Xmas-4.jpg


Shown $65



Shown $65



Shown $55




Shown $55



Shown $50


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot take food basket orders after DEC 22,2019