Congratulations, Thank-you and House Warming Flowers
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Port Alberi Souvenir and Tourist Gift Shop - The Azalea Gift Shop is a growing section of our successful flower business. One of the many items we are very proud of is our exclusive Port Alberni Coffee Mug collection. This unique series of collectible and usable coffee mugs is designed with a professional photograph of some of the most recognized and iconic locations, scenery, and tourist attractions the Alberni Valley has to offer. This exciting new collection is expanding and many will be added to the collection. Peruse our Gift Shop page for stuffed teddy bears, professional photography prints, and much more. 

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Fresh Flowers from the award winning florist Azalea Flowers & Gifts in Port Alberni. We are humbled to have received the "Best Place to Buy Flowers" award in 2018, and Favourite Place to buy flowers in 2020 as voted by the residents of our community, the Alberni Valley. Another award we have recently received in 2018 was the Chamber of Commerce's "Most Welcoming Business" as sponsored by the Port Alberni Association for Community Living (PAACL). We were also nominated in 2017 for "Best use of Social Media", again at the Chamber of Commerce's annual Business Excellence Awards ceremony.

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Scenic Port Alberni 

11 oz mugs 



Check out our Gift Shop page for the entire collection.

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Send congratulations flowers to a loved one to celebrate their latest accomplishment; send thank-you flowers to a friend to show your appreciation for what they did for you; send happy home warming flowers to your family and friends to show your excitement on moving in to their new home. From flower arrangement to gift baskets and souvenirs, call us at 778-421-2660 and let us be your one stop shopping experience.

Personalized coffee mug with flowers. Have a great photo you'd like placed on a mug to go with a flower arrangement? We can help. Our mugs are created by us. Call to discuss and we'll give you instructions on how to send us your image. 778-421-2660

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Father's Day Flowers and Gifts (For Him). Check out our Father's Day / For Him page for unique gifts including planter baskets, gift baskets, and flower arrangements. 

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CONGRATS-100 Shown $75.00

 Shown $70.00

CONGRATS-110 Shown $95.00


Shown $75.00

CONGRATS-130 Shown $100.00

CONGRATS-140 Shown $95.00

CONGRATS-150 Shown $65.00

CONGRATS-160 Shown $85.00

CONGRATS-170 Shown $110.00

CONGRATS-180 Shown $85.00

CONGRATS-190 Shown $90.00

CONGRATS-200 Shown $85.00

CONGRATS-210 Shown $95.00

CONGRATS-220 Shown $90.00

CONGRATS-230 Shown $90.00

Gift Baskets. We create customized gift baskets based on your preferences for the ideal house warming, congratulations, or thank-you gift. From fruit baskets to gourment, wine and cheese, or filled with treats and souveniers. Give us a call and let's discuss your ideas. 778-421-2660

Planter Baskets. We create customized planter baskets based on your preferences for the ideal house warming, congratulations, or thank-you gift. Give us a call and let's discuss your ideas. 778-421-2660

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CONGRATS-240 Shown $75.00


CONGRATS-250 Shown $105.00

CONGRATS-260 Shown $90.00

CONGRATS-360 Shown $125.00

Call now to order 778-421-2660

CONGRATS-370 Shown $95.00

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CONGRATS-270 Shown $125.00

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CONGRATS-280 Shown $105.00