Everyday flowers and chocolate.

We love to support our local community and small businesses because we know what it is like to be a small business. Our chocolate is sources from The Sugar Shak, a local business known for it's exquisite hand made Belgium chocolate. Available in dark and milk chocolate, white or brown.

Everyday flowers and stuffed toy.

Send an arrangement with a stuffed toy as a gift to someone very deserving. You don't need an excuse of a holiday or occasion to send flowers complete with a stuffed toy to show your appreciation or to add a little extra something to someone's life and home. * Our stuffed toy collection is always evolving and it is best to discuss they type of stuffed animal you would like with your order. Specific colours, sizes, and types vary daily and substitutions are always recommended when a specific toy is not available.

Everyday-102.     Starting at $60

Cheerful Everyday flowers

Everyday-103. Starting at $50.

Bright vibrant colours in a clear glass cube. Yellow lillies, orange roses, deep pink gerbera daisies, alstromeria,mums, and greenery help make this arrangement a terrific cheerful everyday gift.


Everyday flower baskets

Everyday-106. Starting at $65.

Give the wow effect with this basket of various purples and blues in a white handle basket, complete with bows and greenery.

We carry many types and colours of baskets and we encourage you to call us at 778-421-2660 to discuss your basket and flower preferences.

Everyday flower arrangements

Everyday-107. Starting at $60.

An everyday flower arrangement on a clear vase sits at attention on a desk, counter, book case, end table or the center of attention in the middle of your dining room table. Call us at 778-421-2660 and let's talk about the colours of the flowers you wish to see in this spectacular gift

Everyday flowers and keepsake vases

Everyday-108. Starting at $60.

An everyday flower arrangement in a keepsake vase sits at attention on a desk, counter, book case, end table or the center of attention in the middle of your dining room table. Vases vary and the image may not represent our current inventory of vases. Call us at 778-421-2660 and let's talk about the colours of the flowers and the selection of keepsake vases we currently have available for you.

Secure online shopping

If you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, screaming "oh no, I forgot... I need flowers, NOW!", don't despair. Azalea Flowers and Gifts is pleased to offer our secured online flower shopping center. We offer you the ability to browse any category your require, anytime, from anywhere. You can take comfort in placing your order on our site, knowing it will be processed the next day, just the same as if you picked up the phone and called us. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email confirmation and then you can go back to sleep and have pleasant dreams.

To order online select the teleflora logo to be redirected to our onle store, or enter http://www.portalberniflowers.ca in your web browser. Sweat dreams!

Everyday Flowers

Azalea Flowers & Gifts
4528 Adelaide St.
Port Alberni,BC
Everyday-103 Starting At $55
Everyday-105 Starting at $75
Everyday-106A Starting at $75
Everyday-106B Starting at $85
Everyday-107 Starting at $60

Everyday planter baskets

Everyday-109. Starting at $50.

A planter basket can be created with flowers, flowering plants, green plants, orchids, in any order and style you may desire. We carry a wide selection of basket types which can be used to create a one of a kind custom planter basket just for you. Check out our plant page for many more ideas on planter baskets and call us to discuss your preferences.


Everyday Bouquet

Everyday-104 Starting at $30

Vibrant flowers and greenery hand tied. 

Call 778-421-2660 


Order Everyday Flowers in Port Alberni from Azalea flowers & gifts. We are in the heart of the city and we offer a delivery service in the city of only $5.00 ($10.00 beyond city limits including Sproat Lake). If you are looking for seasonal everyday flowers to decorate your home, an event, or to give as a gift, we are here to assist you. We offer greeting cards, photography services, gift baskets, plants, and a growing list of gift items. Call us at 778-421-2660 to discuss.

Every Day flowers can be the perfect gift when you have looked at all the options and realized your recipient already has everything. Best of all, you don't need a reason to send everyday flowers. Take a look at what we have here for inspiration and when you've seen something that appeals to you, give us a call and we'll design something that is a one of a kind arrangement that can be delivered on your behalf. Azalea Flowers & Gifts have many gift items to choose from as add-ons, or as gifts by themselves. Select from one of our new custom coffee mugs, choose a gift basket, a planter basket, or stuffed toy. 



Congratulations flowers

Everyday-105. Starting at $75.

Vibrant flowers and greenery in one of our gorgeous baskets. We offer a wide selection sturdy baskets and our inventory is continually evolving. It is always advisable to discuss with the florist the availability of any given colour and style of basket you would like so we can determine the best possible match.

Call 778-421-2660 and let's great a perfect congratulations basket of flowers to be delivered on your behalf.


Starting:  $65

Shown: $85


Starting:  $50

Shown: $70


Starting:  $65

Shown: $85


Starting:  $75

Shown: $95


Starting:  $65

Shown: $85


Starting:  $65

Shown: $85


Starting:  $65

Shown: $85


Starting:  $75

Shown: $95


Starting:  $65

Shown: $85


Starting:  $75

Shown: $95

Call 778-421-2660 

Call 778-421-2660 

Call 778-421-2660 

Call 778-421-2660 

Call 778-421-2660 

Call 778-421-2660 

Everyday-101.     Starting at $75
Everyday-104 Starting At $30
Shown $75

Everyday flowers for Him

Everyday-111. Starting at $65.

A classic red Ford Mustang with succulents for the antique car lover, and plant lover

Everyday Handmade Soap

Everyday-112. Starting at $7.

Choose from our collection of locally created hand made soap known affectionately as the Azalea Soaps. These soaps have been branded with local names of iconic places. It is our way of promoting the Alberni Valley, which we call home. A great add-on to any everyday gift. Checkout out gift shop page to see the many soaps we carry as well as other gift items. 

Everyday Gift Baskets

Everyday-113. Starting at $60


Port Alberi Tourist Gift Shop - The Azalea Gift Shop is a growing section of our successful flower business. One of the many items we are very proud of is our exclusive Port Alberni Coffee Mug collection. This unique series of collectible and usable coffee mugs is designed with a professional photograph of some of the recognized and iconic locations, scenery, and tourist attractions the Alberni Valley has to offer. This exciting new collection is expanding and many will be added to the collection in 2018. Peruse our Gift Shop page for stuffed teddy bears, our very own line of hand made soaps, professional photography prints, and much more. 

Visit our Photography page for a listing of the many photo services we offer including printing of images, professional photography for events, product photography, and a collection of prints available for purchase. Lyndon Cassell Photography is a section of Azalea and we offer studio portraits at our Adelaide Street store. Call or drop in to book a portraiture session.