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Get Well Flowers & Gifts
Basket of yellow roses, lillies, and carnations with a touch of white mini carnations and alstromeria
Basket of fruit with a flowering plant
Bright bouquet of mixed flowers and colours
Planter basket of mixed green plants

 Vibrant arrangement in a yellow vase with yellow lillies and bow. Mixed colours of roses and greens compliment the yellow, making it stand out in spectacular fashion

Send Get Well flowers to Port Alberni. Call us at 778-421-2660. We are located in the center of Port Alberni  - the Heart of Vancouver Island.

 Succulent garden. Select the image to view our page of Cactus and Succulents for more ideas and inspiration

Get Well Fruit Baskets
A very popular choice.

(Small) $35.00 (Medium) $50.00 (Large) $65.00 and up.

Call 778-421-2660 to discuss a custom made get well fruit basket and have it delivered same day. Please note that fruit baskets may require next day delivery as a result of time factors and availability at the time of your request.
Get Well 005

Get Well Flowers and Gifts from the Port Alberni flower shop Azalea Flowers and Gifts are very special orders, always custom made for you. These one of a kind gifts are designed with pure heart and soul because we know that the recipient is very important to you. Balloons are always optional, and we are pleased to offer you other options as a one stop shop including chocolate, soaps, gift certificates from a wide selection of local businesses including restaurants and coffee houses. Call us today at 778-421-2660 to discuss your important get well order.
Get Well 200
Get Well 201
Get Well 300
Add a bar of local handmade soap to your Get Well order. Created by Azalea and known around the Alberni Valley as the Azalea Soap Collection. These soaps have become a big hit and are aptly named after iconic locations and tourist attractions that are world renowned. 
Orchids. "The Orchids of Azalea". We carry a wide assortment of orchid plants in our Port Alberni flower shop. Call to order a Get Well Orchid or visit our Orchid page for more images and information.

Azalea Flowers & Gifts

4528 Adelaide St.

Port Alberni



Azalea Flowers & Gifts

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Anywhere you see the teleflora logo you can click it and go straight to our secure online store. Can't find the time to call us and place a Get Well order? Now you can order any time of day or night with the same confidence you have gained from calling us.
We offer Get Well baskets in a variety of ideas including:

Get Well Flower Baskets
Get Well Gift Baskets
Get Well Fruit Baskets
Get Well Planter Baskets

Call us at 778-421-2660 to order now

Call us at 778-421-2660 to order now

Cactus and Succulents
A Cactus or Succulents arrangement could be an ideal Get Well Gift. Call us at 778-421-2660 and let's discuss something out of the ordinary to be sent to your loved one as a Get Well gift. We are located in Port Alberni, B.C. and your request will be delivered the same day (please note that it is rare to not be able to do same day delivery, but it can happen based on several factors).

Call 778-421-2660 to order now
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Get Well 001
Starting at $90.00 CDN

Get Well 004
Starting at $45.00 CDN

Get Well
Stuffed Toys

Get Well 206
Get Well 207
Get Well 208
Get Well 209
Get Well 210
Get Well 211
Get Well 003

Get Well 212
Get Well 213
Get Well 214
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Get Well 301
Get Well Plants


Get Well

Chocolate Add On

Starting at $25.00

Shown $65.00


Get Well

Coffee Mug


Visit our Photography page for a listing of the many photo services we offer including printing of images, professional photography for events, product photography, and a collection of prints available for purchase. Lyndon Cassell Photography is a section of Azalea and we offer studio portraits at our Adelaide Street store. Call or drop in to book a portraiture session.