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Send Get Well flowers to Port Alberni. Call us at 778-421-2660. We are located in the center of Port Alberni  - the Heart of Vancouver Island.
Get Well Fruit Baskets
A very popular choice.

(Small) $35.00 (Medium) $50.00 (Large) $65.00 and up.

Call 778-421-2660 to discuss a custom made get well edible fruit basket and have it delivered same day. Please note that fruit baskets may require next day delivery as a result of time factors and availability at the time of your request.
Get Well Gift Basket. The ultimate in gift baskets. Featuring an enormous assortment of fruit and gourmet treats, flowers and plants, in a keep sake basket and wrapped with a splendid bow. (Basket shown:$225.00)
Orchids. "The Orchids of Azalea". We carry a wide assortment of orchid plants in our Port Alberni flower shop. 

Azalea Flowers & Gifts

4528 Adelaide St.

Port Alberni




Call us at 778-421-2660 to order now

Call 778-421-2660 to order now
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Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Get Well Plants
Visit our Photography page for a listing of the many photo services we offer including printing of images, professional photography for events, product photography, and a collection of prints available for purchase. Lyndon Cassell Photography is a section of Azalea and we offer studio portraits at our Adelaide Street store. Call or drop in to book a portraiture session. If you would like to see our collection of images of the Amazing Alberni Valley, please visit our photography website. Lyndon Cassell Photography is a brand of Azalea Flowers & Gifts and we specialize in event photography. It is here that you can explore the Alberni Valley region through visual storytelling of landscape images. We also highlight many of the fantastic events that occur in the area as well as the spectacular scenery. The site is updated continually as we shoot almost daily. Port Alberni is truely an amazing and special place and we welcome you to start your journey on our site. So what are you waiting for... come over now for a visit ....
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Get Well 040
Shown $95.00  
Get Well 080 Shown $95
Get Well 130 Shown $70
Get Well 150 Shown $95
Get_Well_Soon_Gift_Baskets_Port_Albeerni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg
Get Well 100 Shown $95
Get Well 110 Shown $100
Get Well 120 Shown $90
Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni_Flower_Shop.jpg Get_Well_Planter_Baskets_Port_Alberni.jpg

Get Well Flowers Delivered to Port Alberni, BC. As a local Port Alberni flower shop, centrally located on Adelaide St., your Get Well flowers will be delivered expediently and with care and professionalism. Being centrally located also allows us to deliver flowers in a timely manner, with caution and professionalism. 




Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Commercial_Photographer_Port_Alberni.jpg Get-Well-Flowers-Port_Alberni.JPG Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg
Get Well 200 Shown $105.00
Get Well 070 Shown $105
Get Well 160 Shown $105
Get Well 170 Shown $90
Get Well 180 Shown $85
Get Well 190 Shown $95
Get Well 210 Shown $85.00
Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg FB-fLogo-Blue-printpackaging.jpg Instagram_App_Large_May2016_200.png Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg
Get Well Planter Baskets
Get Well 090 Shown $95
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Call 778-421-2660 to order
Call 778-421-2660 to order
Call 778-421-2660 to order now
Get Well 220 Shown $95.00
Get Well 230 Shown $105.00
Get Well 240 Shown $95.00
Get Well 250 Shown $105.00
Get Well 260 Shown $115.00
Get Well 300 (Shown $90.00)
Get Well 310 (Shown $80.00)
Get Well 330 (Shown $105.00)
Get Well 340 (Shown $105.00)
Get Well 350 (Shown $115.00)
Get Well 360 (Shown $80.00)
Get Well 370 (Shown $90.00)
Get Well 380 (Shown $105.00)
Get-Well_Gifts_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg
Get Well 400 (Shown $70.00)

Scenic Port Alberni 

11 oz coffee mugs 



Check out our Gift Shop page for the entire collection.

Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg lcp-FlowerArrangement-StuffedToy-Nov6-2019-5119.jpg
Get Well 140 Shown $90
Get Well 020
Shown $70.00 CDN
Get Well 030
Shown $90.00 CDN
lcp-Birthday-Nov8-2019-5164.jpg lcp-Azalea-Xmas-dec14-5629.JPG
Get Well 145 Shown $90

Father's Day Flowers and Gifts (For Him). Visit our Father's Day / For Him page for unique gifts including planter baskets, gift baskets, and flower arrangements. 

Fathers-Day-Flowers-Plants-Gifts-Port-Alberni.jpg CFIB_ShopSmall_DigitalAssets_BannersStatic_RectangleBigBox.png Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg
Get Well 165 Shown $105
Call now to order
Azalea_Flowers-Port-Alberni-Google-Business.png Azaleas-FavPlace.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg
Get Well 010
Shown $80.00 CDN
Get_Well_Soon_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg Get_Well_Flowers_Port_Alberni.jpg
Get Well 115 Shown $125