Send Sympathy Flowers to Port Alberni. Wanting to send Sympathy flowers, please visit our Port Alberni Sympathy page for a lovely selection of flowers and arrangements. Because we are located in Port Alberni, your order will be delivered in a timely manner, with freshness and quality guaranteed. We are very recognized in Port Alberni and delivery is always prompt.

Memorial Flowers and Wreaths

Please visit our Easter Flower page for all your Easter flowers. We will deliver your Easter flowers in Port Alberni and surrounding areas including Beaver Creek, Cherry Creek, and Sproat Lake.

Please visit our Valentine's Flower page for all your Valentine's Day flowers. We will deliver your Valentine's Day flowers  in Port Alberni and surrounding areas including Beaver Creek, Cherry Creek, and Sproat Lake.

Please visit our Christmas Flower page for all your Christmas flowers. Express your wishes of Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas, or whatever expression you prefer to use. Call us and let us know your preferred saying and then let us deliver your flowers in Port Alberni and surrounding areas including Beaver Creek, Cherry Creek, and Sproat Lake.

Azalea Flowers and Gifts

Port Alberni, BC


Visit our Photography page for a listing of the many photo services we offer including printing of images, professional photography for events, product photography, and a collection of prints available for purchase. Lyndon Cassell Photography is a section of Azalea and we offer studio portraits at our Adelaide Street store. Call or drop in to book a portraiture session.

We pride ourselves on providing you with original arrangements for you memorials. The creativity we are blessed with is from the world of flowers, an unlimited supply of natural creativity.



An endless supply of fresh flowers is at our disposal, simply because they grow in nature and the world is filled with colourful flowers. The unlimited flower supply from around the world is part of the excitement we carry in our personalities, and we carry that excitement with us day to day, passing it along to our customers. Mother Nature has flowers, an unlimited flower supply and it truly is amazing. 


New to Azalea Flowers: We are now creating memorial wreaths. With several requests in recent times from you, our valued customers, it has become clear that such flower arrangements are important to have available. Our wreaths are made with silk flowers so they can stand the weather and last for an extended amount of time. The wreaths on this page are just a sampling. Call us or drop by to discuss your preferences and we'll design a custom one just for you.

Wreath-001 (Starting at $55.00)

Wreath-002 (Starting at $75.00)

Wreath-003 (Starting at $75.00)

Wreath-004 (Starting at $75.00)

Wreath-005 (Starting at $75.00)

Wreath-006 (Starting at $35.00)

Wreath-007 (Starting at $35.00)

Wreath-008 (Starting at $35.00)


Wreath-009 (Starting at $75.00)