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Valentine's Flowers Delivered in Port Alberni, BC. We have a Valentine's Day flower delivery service in Port Alberni. That's the easy part because we are located in Port Alberni. We are on Adeaide Street, just off the busy Johnston Road, in the center of the city and we delivery to the entire region including Sproat Lake, Cherry Creek, and Beaver Creek. Whether you are looking for a single red rose in a bud vase, a bouquet of roses, a mixed arrangement of roses, a plant, orchid, gift card, stuffed toy, chocolate, or an elegant flower arrangement of mixed flowers, we have you covered for Valentine' Day. With flowers from Azalea Flowers & Gifts, you can take comfort that your special Valentine will be given a gift that truly demonstrates your love!

Have your Happy Valentine's Day flowers created and delivered in Port Alberni by Azalea Flowers & Gifts. From red roses to other coloured roses, locally created handmade chocolate by The Sugar Shak, teddy bears, handmade soaps, the new Port Alberni Coffee Mug collection, planter baskets, gift and gourmet baskets, we would like to be the only number you need to call this Valentine's Day! 778-421-2660

We have a great selection of Valentine Flowers in our Port Alberni flower shop. At Azalea Flowers & Gifts, we have what you want for Valentine's Day in Port Alberni. As a Port Alberni flower shop located on Adelaide Street, you have the comfort of knowing you can drop in during the Valentines rush and pick up what you need. If you wish to call in advance for later pick up or delivery, you will be in good hands. Since we are local, your Valentine's Day flowers will be ready for you in no time. If you are looking for an ideal present to give your special someone for Valentine's Day, Azalea Flowers & Gifts on Adelaide Street  will be ready to assist and serve you. 

Valentine's Day Chocolate

Because we believe in supporting our local community and local businesses, we are very pleased to offer light and dark chocolate from Port Alberni's very own Sugar Shak. to offer hand make local chocolate. Located at the Harbour Quay, and known for their hand made fine chocolate making, The Sugar Shak offers a wide range of creative chocolates and has been a staple of Port Alberni for over ten years. Their exquisite product comes in boxes of $5.00 increments and can be added to any Valentines' Day order at any amount which suits your requirements.


Valentine's Day Flowers

Azalea Flowers & Gifts

4528 Adelaide St.

Port Alberni, B.C.





Valentine's Day Gourmet Gift Baskets

Azalea Flowers & Gifts
Proud member of the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce. We support the Chamber through many events including the annual Chamber Awards. Since 2016, we have been the Chamber's choice of florist. We have also been the official photographer at the awards. Other events we proudly support through event photography include the Tri-Conic Challange and Paper Chase. 

Valentine's Day Gift Baskets

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Valentine's Day Planter Baskets

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Valentine's Day Teddy Bears

Valentine's Day Teddy Bears

Valentine's Day Gourmet Baskets

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Important Disclosure

Items available may not be exactly as shown. Availability of flowers, vases, and gift items can vary and we do our very best in the event of substitutions to make your order as close as possible.

Valentine's Day Chocolate

Port Alberi Tourist Gift Shop - The Azalea Gift Shop is a growing section of our successful flower business. One of the many items we are very proud of is our exclusive Port Alberni Coffee Mug collection. This unique series of collectible and usable coffee mugs is designed with a professional photograph of some of the most recognized and iconic locations, scenery, and tourist attractions the Alberni Valley has to offer. This exciting new collection is expanding and many will be added to the collection. Peruse our Gift Shop page for stuffed teddy bears, professional photography prints, and much more. 

V1 - $100

V2 - $120

V3 - $140

V4 - $130

V5 - $150

V6 - $170

V7 - $100

V8 - $130

V9 - $150

V10 - $95

V11 - $105

V12 - $115

V13 - $80

V14 - $90

V15 - $100

V16 - $100

V17 - $110

V18 - $130

V19 - $35

V20 - $65

V21 - $95

V22 - $60

Baby Roses

V23 - $80

Baby Roses

V24 - $95

Baby Roses

V25 - $60

V26 - $70

V27 - $85

V31 - $85


Lyndon Cassell Photography, a brand of Azalea Flowers & Gifts, is a Port Alberni Photographer and Vancouver Island Photographer specializing in product photography, event photography, landscape, fineart, and portrait photography. Our professional photography is used for our images on this website, our social media, and gift cards, and print materials. Our photography website is filled with images of Port Alberni locations and events and includes the option to license or purchase prints. 

You can visit out website at https://www.lyndoncassellphotography.com 

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Valentine's Day For Him


V32 - $110

V28A - $60

V28B - $75

V28C - $85

V29A - $75

V29B - $85

V29C - $100

V30A- $90

V30B- $105

V30C- $115

V33A - $105

V33B - $115

V33C - $130